Anusha Alamgir

UT Dallas Marketing Major (2024)

Digital Strategy Analyst Intern, Launch Local (Spring 2021)

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This is my story.

“My mission in life is not to merely survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” ~ Maya Angelou.

I am currently a freshman, pursuing a Bachelor's of Science (BS) degree in Marketing, with a minor in Communications at the University of Texas at Dallas (Naveen Jindal School of Management) expecting to graduate in 2024.

I have been fortunate enough to receive an Academic Excellence Scholarship from my university. I enjoy reading to pass time, spending time with my loved ones, and getting to deeply know people through intelligent conversations, as well as excelling at every project I dedicate myself to. I love to surpass people's expectations of me, and helping others succeed, either through advice or by setting an example.

I am extremely interested in building connections, making friends, gaining new knowledge every day regarding business strategies, social/civil movements, the psychology behind marketing, among other subjects. I am always self-motivating to advance and learn new things to help accomplish my academic and career goals when the time comes.

Currently working part-time at TJ Maxx, attending university full-time, and interning at Launch Local as a Digital Strategy Analyst for Spring 2021. 

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